Sushi restaurants near me

Ceramics, slip casting, wheel throwing

This is a new development of an ongoing project - CAD project


For the past two years and especially during periods of closure, the custom of ordering food and the accompanying aesthetics to it has been present in my home and has made me identify these foods as objects with a certain symbolic power. The choice to convert these dishes into ceramic sculptures / objects that carry a symbolic-social status. They can be seen as reflecting what we consumed in this period as well as our changing lifestyle in the past years. 


During quarantine I noticed I order much more take out. I started collecting the packages that came with food deliveries to my house. I found their shapes and aesthetics interesting. At the same time I continued developing an ongoing project where I used CAD files of three dimensional models of various foods I collected online and printed in 3D. Eventually all these readymade shapes lead me to a this new development.