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Razzle Dazzle

Collaboration with Ori Shifrin Anavi for Jerusalem Design

Dazzling camouflage, also known as Razzle Dazzle, was a camouflage method of ships in World War 1.
The dazzling painting included intricate patterns of geometric shapes in black and white. The intention of the dazzling camouflage was not necessarily to hide or assimilate into the environment, but Make it difficult to assess the range of targets.
There are black and white geometric space coverings houses found in Singapore.
those houses were colonial bungalows built in the late 19th century and used as residences To British government officials.
The houses are in the heart of the jungle and are different from the surroundings because of the graphic covering. The camouflage, which is not actually camouflage, produces a contrasting color combination between the structure and the environment. In the work 'Dazzling Camouflage', we left home to disguise ourselves in the Israeli nature. To hide and be revealed, to feel safe and exposed. Like a bungalow in the jungle..

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