Wood, LED
Collaboration with Omer Zimmermann
~ Paris Design Week 2021 ~

Levana is a lighting project born over 2020-21, and is a collaboration between Tair Almor, an industrial designer and

Omer Zimmermann, a designer and wood artist. 

Our goal was to develop a light fixture from flexible wood. Employing different manipulations on a simple wood log,

we were able to create a wood material that is both hollow and flexible, thus producing a unique lighting effect.

"We found ourselves with time on our hands during lockdown, but still with a desire to create, thus, we decided we would define

a design brief that would challenge us and help us spend time creating a new project, something that would keep us busy and happy."


Over the past year most people in the world have spent more time in their home space than in any other space, therefore we were interested in creating an atmospheric lighting object that would enhance the home space. There is an urgent need to create a diverse atmosphere in the home that will allow for different experiences throughout the day and we, as designers, are required to look more intimately at the everyday space we live in, the materials that exist within it and how different atmospheres at home are created.

Working with wood in our small workshop in Tel Aviv enabled us to develop relatively simple methods with materials that were available to us but still allowed us to produce a complex design and creative light features as the final object. Through milling and cutting we were able to flex the wood and hollow it out, subsequently, we inserted led lights into the hollowed-out wood, which led to a unique show of lights. 

Photography : Ori Shifrin Anavi