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Hypatia Project


White and Terracotta clay 

The Hypatia Project was born out of questions of  the representation of the female body and sexuality and questions about the role of the designer in society, women in design and design for women. 


I invited women to take part in my design process. I asked 100 women, aged 19 to 76, questions about nudity, pain, pleasure, looking at their own body and intimate experiences with another person. From the sequence of answers from each woman I created a ceramic vase, using modular molds. Each “slice” of the vase has a color, shape and size representing one of the answers, creating a personal and unique vase for each woman who participated in the project. 

The vases hold in them “a secret”. They do not give out all their content, thus keeping their owners’ privacy. But they also tell a story which is hard to tell in a more direct way because it's regarded by society as negligible, too intimate, too difficult or too personal. Thus the project gives a representation in space of an experience which is both personal and common and it is at the same time a medium and platform for this discussion. 

Ori Shifrin Anavi
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