Hand Fans


Perspex, rice paper and markers

I combined the use of laser cutting for the body and manual coloring for the paper. The choice of different techniques deals with how crafts can interact with industrial manufacturing.

Ori Shifrin Anavi

You will need 1 of these. This will be placed behind the half circle aligned with the two holes.

Make 7 of these. You should use laser cutting if you use plastic, or just cut them yourself from cardboard.

They will be glued to the lines on the paper.

Cut rice paper, or any paper you want, into that shape and use markers to color the dots. Glue the 7 similar ribs on the marked lines.

You will need 1 of that. This is where you hold the fan and it connects to the one rib you have left.

In order to attach all pieces you can use 3 small screws. Just put them through the holes.

You can make this 

hand fan yourself!

scale 1:2