Collaboration with Ori Shifrin Anavi

Faaza is a series of designed vases made of folded paper which can be easily collapsed and assembled.

The project was born during the Covid pandemic and is a collaboration between two industrial designers, who are also close friends.

With lockdowns and the financial crisis created in the pandemic times we wanted to create a project that would help people with personalising their home environments which became so crucial for our everyday life and wellbeing.

The vases configuration is inspired by takeaway food boxes and makes use of available objects such as used food and beverages containers, which became regular fixtures in our daily life during the pandemic. 


Centered around the concept of re-use, Faaza vases gives old bottles and cans a second life and function thus reusing waste. The project is made of simple and accessible materials and can be easily shipped flat and assembled locally. The project can also be sent as a file and printed locally by local businesses and individuals, cutting shipping costs all together and minimizing carbon footprint.

Working with flat material gives us many options for designs which makes it possible to have various materials, patterns, and colors. As both of us specialize in ceramic design the project takes several inspirations from that discipline. The colors are inspired by delft blue and white colors, terracotta, and white porcelain. The paper vases can allow users to create their own unique versions of vases by painting their own patterns and designs. The design asks to create a feeling of earthiness, and curvature that you would expect from a ceramic product, but in a light material, creating an element of surprise and playfulness. Making design, especially such that incorporates reuse, accessible to everyone and collaborative is something we strongly believe in.

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Photography : Ori Shifrin Anavi
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