Terracotta Rave

Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center

Tel Aviv

Curator: Shlomit Bauman

"The Mediterranean is characterized by Terra Cotta, a reddish clay that fires at a low temperature (950 – 1100 deg.C). This clay has been used from ancient times until today and has created a material culture that is a visible identity because of the extensive use in its many functions. When traveling in the Middle East, North Africa and Southern Europe, terracotta in its full palette of colors from red to pink, is visible in the internal and external architecture. Terracotta is and was used for food and cooking utensils, architectural elements (tiles and bricks, pipes and planters), water filters, sculptures and figurines. Terracotta RAVE examines the local, Middle East and Mediterranean presentation of the use of this clay...."

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Shy Ben Efraim


Yafe Lach  ״יפה לך״


Tel Aviv

Curators: This_is_us, me_toog,

Simona Katsman, Tamar Moshinski


This exhibition was all about sisterhood, protest and hope. There were about 100 participants who have something to say about the experiences of women, sexuality, body image and being a rebellious woman.

This exhibition raised money for fighting against the exploitation of women and young girls in the sex industry.

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